Jacobsen launched a bi-directional turf groomer and brush that allows turf managers to vary their greens maintenance program depending on turf conditions. The turf groomer or brush can be rotated in either forward and reverse directions.

The switch between turf groomer and brush takes less than five minutes. Brushes are available in several stiffness levels to accommodate a variety of turf grasses and conditions.

Traditionally, Jacobsen’s turf groomer has been designed with a patented interlocking system with the front roller, allowing for a shorter roller base and providing a class-leading ability to follow ground contours. Incorporated into the new design is the option to utilize a smooth front roller.

For the turf groomer, a new blade design has been introduced using the same profile as the existing groomer, but double-sided. This enables the turf groomer to switch between forward and reverse rotation without changing the blades. This also doubles the life of the groomer blade.

Changing the rotation of the groomer or brush is a simple operation; the two different belts can be changed out in less than five minutes using just a half-inch socket.

The groomer/brush system is available for the following Jacobsen mowers: ECLIPSE2 floating head walking greens mower, GP400 riding greens mower, and ECLIPSE 322 riding greens mower.

The new bi-directional groomer will begin shipping this month.