Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas’ HL730-9A wheel loader was designed to provide operators with multiple enhancements from the previous model, including a certified interim Tier 4 engine upgrade, improved durability, and increased operator comfort, the company stated.

This machine is built with a 128 hp Cummins interim Tier 4 engine. The eco-friendly engine is electronically controlled for optimum fuel to air ratio and clean, efficient combustion and also features a self-diagnostic system for ultimate dependability. The combination of a high-pressure common rail system and an advanced in-cylinder combustion technology results in increased power, improved transient response, and reduced fuel consumption, according to the company.

The HL730-9A model is designed to allow the operator to customize the machine’s engine power, automatic transmission, shift time, and clutch cut-off activation based on the job condition and personal preference. Three engine power modes are provided for flexibility: power, standard, and economy, Four transmission power shift modes are available: manual, light, normal, and heavy. Rotary-type switches allow for easy adjustment of engine power modes, transmission power shift modes and clutch cut-off modes. Additionally, the optional ride control system has shock absorbing accumulators that cushion the boom, improves operator comfort, and reduces material loss.

Hyundai’s 23,149 lb HL730-9A wheel loader has a 2.5 cubic yard bucket capacity and a bucket breakout force of 20,170 lbs.

HL730-9A Series


Operating Weight

23,149 lbs.

New Power

128hp @ 2,200 rpm

Breakout Force

20,170 lbs.

Bucket Capacity

2.5 cubic yards


The HL730-9A provides easy access to key servicing components, making routine maintenance hassle-free. A tilting transmission and hydraulic oil coolers swing open for easy access and the rear door can be open to over 70 degrees. Conveniently located transmission oil site gauges make checking fluid levels fast and efficient.