The Terex General 80 digger derrick received upgrades to improve efficiency. With a 79.9-foot sheave height, a 26,600-lb. lift capacity at 10-foot radius (fully retracted), a 1,840-lb. lift capacity at 0 degrees (fully extended), and a 36.4-ft digging reach, the updated Terex General 80 digger derrick gives operators greater capacity at all boom angles.

It also is designed with fewer hoses and a smaller collector block for improved maintenance and accessibility. Other enhancements to the General 80 digger derrick include boom extension rollers, a digger hanger shaft, a load moment limiter, and a hydraulic tilt pole guide. The dual hydraulic cylinder trapezoidal design stabilizes the boom during digging and rotational operation.

Standard features on the Terex General 80 digger derrick includes 100 degrees of boom travel, dual lift cylinders, continuous unrestricted rotation, and a custom zoned load chart. It meets or exceeds ANSI A10.31 requirements.

It utilizes the same hydraulic controls and system as the rest of the Terex digger derrick product line. A variety of hydraulic diggers and augers are available for use with the model.