Code 3, Inc. announces the release of the Coordinated Emergency Lighting System (CELS), a complete vehicle lighting packages for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility and Chevrolet Tahoe PPV. CELS comes in five lighting packages.

The CELS control box works with any switching system and takes the programmability of a lightbar and applies it to all of the accessory emergency vehicle lighting equipment. The exterior rear window light, the Citadel, now has NarrowStik functionality with MultiColor lightheads that allow for traffic directing capability.

Another feature of the CELS control box is the ability to dim all of a vehicle's lights when needed. In addition, CELS provides the ability to steady burn all of a vehicle's lights for additional scene lighting. Finally, synchronization of all lightheads is now possible with the CELS system.

Four of the five CELS’ packages include a SuperVisor U for the front windshield, a Citadel for the rear windshield, two MultiColor Par36 fog lights, two MultiColor XT4 side mirror lights, and a CELS control box. The CELS control box has multiple flash patterns already programmed. The compact control box (4 3/4 inches W x 8 1/2 inches L x 1 7/8 inches H) mounts virtually anywhere in your vehicle and only weighs 1 lb. The CELS’ control box and all the LED lightheads come with a 5-year warranty.