John Deere's 204K and 304K compact wheel loaders are one foot lower than other compact John Deere wheel loaders and are 8 feet tall for lower-clearance applications. They feature rigid front and rear axles to meet the 8-foot height while lowering the center of gravity and increasing stability and the tipping load limit. The two models can easily reach and work in areas with restricted access such as door and trailer openings.

Both models come standard with an open operator station. Features include weather-resistant gauges, extended rooftops, nonskid floor mats, and optional vandal proofing. Operators will have the option of utilizing a heated and air-conditioned cab.

The cabs offer unobstructed views of attachments and the surrounding work area. The skid-steer style coupler comes standard on the boom and enables operators to attach and release John Deere Worksite Pro attachments quickly, without tools or leaving the seat. The coupler can connect to blades, buckets and pushers, scrap and brush-tine grapples, and augers.

To enhance operation, the boom, bucket, and forward-neutral-reverse switch are on the same low-effort lever for one-hand control. Fingertip control of the coupler, travel speed, park brake, lights, and other machine functions are close to the operator.

The 204K (59 hp) and 304K (64 hp) contain an interim Tier 4 diesel engine and a two-speed transmission with a top speed of 12 mph. An optional creeper control allows slow, incremental travel speeds while maintaining full hydraulic flow. Articulated steering helps with the turning ability and offers operators flexibility when picking up or positioning loads. If one wheel slips when navigating soft terrain, limited slip differential transfers that wheel’s power to the opposite wheel to restore traction.

To keep operating costs at a minimum, a transverse-mounted engine allows for quick and convenient daily servicing. The electrical system minimizes the number of wires, mechanical relays, and unsealed connections for maximum durability and uptime. In addition, the machines’ vertical filters and environmental drains are also easily accessible at ground-level.