Jacobsen’s new AR522 contour rotary mower is an update of the previous Jacobsen AR-522 and is designed to maintain intermediate golf roughs, green and tee surrounds, and sports and recreation fields.

The new AR522 five-gang rotary mower is equipped with SureTrac four-wheel drive traction and weight transfer control, allowing it to glide over ground contours and climb hills with ease.

Jacobsen engineers equipped the new AR522 with the SureTrac parallel-cross-series traction system, the same system on Jacobsen’s new LF510 and LF550/570 fairway mowers. The SureTrac system automatically transfers power where needed to provide better performance on hills. The AR522 also features an advanced weight transfer system that allows for balancing of the machine’s weight between the traction unit and decks for optimal traction and ground following in varying terrains.

The AR522 is also equipped with Jacobsen’s TrimTek decks that feature a downdraft blade for better mulching capabilities. The decks’ three-tiered opening distributes clippings evenly. The TrimTek deck also gives users the ability to mulch or discharge, depending on their needs.

The new Jacobsen AR522 contour rotary mower is available globally starting in July.