The Cat M318D MH Waste Handler is a wheel excavator designed specifically for use in work areas with limited space, whether overhead or adjacent to the machine, whether indoors or outdoors. This new configuration, which meets with accepted industry criteria to ensure safe operation and high production when working in close quarters, incorporates significant undercarriage and boom modifications, while retaining the fuel-efficient Cat C6.6 ACERT engine; load-sensing hydraulics; dedicated swing pump; heavy-duty axles; stabilizer configurations; and spacious cab with optional joystick steering.

The M318D MH Waste Handler features a purpose-built undercarriage. The heavy-duty swing-bearing tower is now centered on the undercarriage, placing it equidistant from axles and stabilizers for symmetry and optimum balance, whether working over the front or rear. In addition, the tower is larger to accommodate the hydraulic cab-riser swing bearing. The new compact undercarriage is compatible with all sticks and booms available, including MH, standard, and one-piece booms.

A new boom for the M318D MH Waste Handler is now available to fit the machine to its tasks. The new boom has a shorter pin-to-pin length of 5.35 meters (17.55 ft.), compared with the conventional M318D MH’s dimension of 6.4 meters (21.00 ft.). This compact material-handling boom, designed for use either with the 4 200-millimeter (13.78-ft.) stick or the 4 900 mm (16.1 ft) drop nose stick, features a welded, box-section design with thick, multi-plate fabrications in high stress areas for superior durability.

It is available in North America in May. Check with local dealers for availability.

M318D MH Waste Handler Specifications

Operating Weight*

20 500 kg (45,195 lb.)

Rated Net Power

124 kW (168 PS)

Transport Height

3 400 mm (11.2 ft.)

Max. Overall Height **

7800 mm (25.6 ft.)

Top Speed (F/R)

25 k/hr*** (16 mph)

Auxiliary Hyd. Pressure

350 bar (5,076 psi)