Andax Industries LLC offers its aerosol can recycling system, which turns aerosol cans into depressurized, empty steel cans that can be recycled with other scrap metal. The empty can is RCRA Compliant and meets the EPA definition of scrap metal 40 CFR 261.1, according to the company.

The system features a non-sparking pin, a Combination Coalescing/Colormetric carbon filter that captures odors and filters potentially harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has a puncturing unit that fits standard closed head 30- and 55-gallon drums, and puts the content of an aerosol can directly into a drum (a 55-gallon drum can hold residual liquids from up to 4,000 spent cans).

Andax noted that the average disposal cost savings when disposing of 4,200 aerosol cans ranges from $12,000 to $52,000.