Misco offers its Palm Abbe DEF-201, a handheld digital refractometer designed for testing the concentration of urea-based Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). The company said DEF must be maintained within a narrow concentration range of less than 1.5% to receive API certification and meet international standards.

According to the company, by placing a few drops of DEF in the refractometer’s stainless-steel well, closing the evaporation cover, and pressing a button, a user can get a reading on the DEF, which shows on the display. The measurement has a precision of +/-0.1%, Misco stated.

The company added that beyond measuring DEF concentration, the refractometer can be programmed to read data for other automotive fluids, including engine coolant freezing point, engine coolant concentration, brake fluid water content, and windshield washer fluid.