The V-Maxx 9500 is largest V-box-style spreader to date. Featuring a 4-cubic-yard capacity hopper, the entirely electric powered V-Maxx 9500 is designed for use with larger commercial-duty pickups, flatbed trucks, and dump-bed trucks. The V-Maxx 9500 features an all-polyethylene-constructed material hopper that has the patented SnowEx Material Feed System — consisting of a multi-angle hopper design, heavy-duty auger drive, inverted-“V” baffle configuration, and an attached vibrator.

The System’s multi-angle hopper helps provide a continuous flow of material to the auger drive. When compared with conveyor-driven spreader alternatives, augers deliver material to the spinner more accurately and efficiently, according to the company. The vibrator shakes the inverted-“V” baffle, which helps reduce material clumping and ensures that the entire load does not rest on the auger. The result of this combination of components is a continuous material flow whether spreading sand or salt.

The V-Maxx 9500 is entirely electric powered — meaning no engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts, or chains to maintain. The ¾-horsepower, heavy-duty 12-volt electric drive system produces high torque at the auger transmission output shaft with low amperage draw. The spreader can empty a full hopper — up to 8,500 lbs. of material — in 20 minutes. To ensure durability and ease of maintenance, the electric drive system is completely sealed within a weather-resistant enclosure and includes two grease Zirk fittings.

The poly hopper construction eliminates the corrosion concerns and constant maintenance commonly associated with steel-built alternatives. Though the hopper features heavy-duty, thick-walled construction, the company states that it is still up to 40% lighter than similar capacity steel spreaders, which frees up vehicle payload and increases gas mileage.

The  cab-mounted spinner/auger control allows for independent spinner speed and auger speed adjustment. By being able to adjust how fast material leaves the hopper and how fast the spinner propels it, virtually any application demand can be met while minimizing material waste. Spread width is variable between 10 to 40 feet. A digital LED display with status monitoring and system protection is standard, as well as an auto-reverse function in the event of auger jams.

As with all SnowEx V-box-style spreaders, the V-Maxx 9500 is built with a Quick-Connect spinner assembly. Compared with competitive models that require the spreader assembly to be unbolted or for the entire spreader to be removed from the truck’s bed before being able to tow, the Quick-Connect system allows the spinner assembly to be removed in seconds by simply removing a pin. This feature makes the service vehicle more useful, not having to be dedicated to one function, while also simplifying off-season spreader storage.

Other standard features include a top screen, fitted tarp, non-combustible automotive wiring harness, and an auxiliary LED brake light. Optional accessories include an auxiliary light kit and the SnowEx AccuSpray material pre-wetting system.

All SnowEx spreaders include a two-year parts and labor warranty.

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