Mac Tools offers its A/C Recovery Unit for conventional and hybrid vehicles. This unit is designed to allow a technician to safely service both conventional and high-voltage A/C systems.

It features a menu selectable function that gives a user the ability to clear any residual oil from the A/C Recover, Recycle and Recharge machine's fluid circuit and hoses, which helps minimize the risk of oil cross contamination.

This unit comes with a larger display panel and features an adjustable control panel for flat storage when not in use. Other features include an automatic refrigerant refill feature, which eliminates the need to stop during service to refill the /C machine with new refrigerant, and a precision leak test to help determine whether a vehicle’s A/C system has a leak. An A/C capacities database is optional.

This unit meets new refrigerant recovery standards J-2788 for high voltage compressors, according to Mac. It has a recovery accuracy of ± 1.0 oz. and a charge accuracy of ± 1/2 oz.