Larson Electronics introduces a new power distribution system designed to provide a source of portable 120 VAC power for locations where standard power sources are unavailable or impractical. The BPLI-2K-120 Portable Power Supply is a rechargeable and portable power supply and distribution system that can provide up to 24 hours of power on a single charge, according to Larson.

This portable power supply features a 1,200-watt hour lithium ion battery output and a wheeled housing with telescoping handle for easy transport. This power supply is rated for 2,000 watts continuous use and 4,000-watt peak output.

The onboard lithium ion battery is rated for 2,000 charge cycles at an average 75% depth discharge, meaning the unit will provide thousands of charge and discharge cycles before the battery loses peak effectiveness, according to the company. Illuminated indicators allow operators to monitor performance and include charging status, power output, runtime, and battery charge level status.

This unit can be recharged from any standard 120 VAC power outlet, and produces 120 VAC output distributed through four onboard GFCI-protected outlets that allow a user to connect multiple devices.

This unit recharges in 70 minutes on average and 90 minutes maximum, allowing operators to return, according to Larson. This portable power supply also features a heavy-duty, water-resistant housing constructed of polyethylene, and a telescoping handle and wheels that operate much the same as wheeled luggage. Operators can transport the unit in the back seat of car or in the trunk, then pull the unit out and extend the handle to roll it to the desired location. The entire assembly weighs only 58 lbs., according to the company.