The CatD Series Mini Hydraulic Excavators – models 301.7D, 302.2D, and 302.4D – are compact in size to work comfortably in confined spaces, and can be easily transported on a trailer or in a pick-up truck.

The 301.7D can be specified with either a fixed or extending undercarriage. The 302.2D is fitted with an extending undercarriage as standard and delivers a greater dig depth and lifting performance. A longer dozer blade is optional on both the 301.7D and 302.2D.

The 302.4D is configured with brackets and relief valves for simple mounting of a hydraulic thumb.

The operator’s compartment in these machines offers a comfortable suspension seat, retractable seat belts, adjustable wrist rests, and ample legroom.

The hydraulic function is operated by the proportional roller on the joystick. A switch allows the operator to vary the auxiliary hydraulic flow to suit the requirements of the different work tools. All models offer two-way auxiliary hydraulics, enabling the operation of both hydraulic hammer and a bi-directional tool such as an auger.  In line with the larger models in the new Cat excavator range, all controls are pilot-operated, providing smooth operation with low effort and eliminating any maintenance required to cables and linkages.

For maintenance ease, hinged and removable panels provide easy access for both routine and deeper maintenance. Extended routine service intervals for D Series models save time and reduce operating costs: oil-impregnated sintered-alloy bearings in the boom and digging-arm linkages require grease only at 500-hour intervals; engine oil changes are extended to 500 hours; and the hydraulic oil change interval is 3,000 hours. A Cat S.O.S fluid-sampling port for hydraulic oil allows accurate, periodic assessment of fluid condition during its life.

Basic Specifications





Operating Weight:

Canopy – kg (lb.)

1,690 (3,726)

2,025 (4464)

2,312 (5,097)

Cab- kg (lb.)

1,720 (4,343)

2,135 (4707)

2,410 (5,313)

Net Power kW (hp)

13.2 (17.7)

13.2 (17.7)

13.2 (17.7)

Digging Depth:

Std. arm- mm (ft)

2,193 (7 ft 2”)

2,478 (8 ft 2 in)

2,434 (8 ft)

Long arm – mm (ft)

2,394 (7 ft 10”)

2,678 (8 ft 9 in)

2,634 (8 ft 8 in)