Adamson Industries Corp is now a dealer for HG2 Emergency Lighting’s products and is now offering HG2’s Runner and Crossfire lights.

The HG2 Runner light is designed to enhance the outline of a vehicle’s profile (sides) and offers variable flash patterns and lighting intensity. The HG2 Runner light features wide-angle LEDs, a high-impact CAB housing, and an anodized black finished extruded aluminum mounting sleeve for “stealth” installation, according to Adamson.

HG2’s Crossfire is an outward-facing tag bezel integrating an emergency lighting system that’s designed for maximum visibility with a minimal footprint, according to Adamson. The HG2 Crossfire lighting design features optics mounted at grazing angles that enhance visibility by emitting light into a broader field of view. This lighting system is made of multiple arrays of wide-angle elliptical optics and features aluminum construction with an automotive-grade powder-coated black finish for durability and a stealth installation, according to Adamson.

The HG2 Runners package and the HG2 Crossfire are available in solid or split warning colors. Each unit comes with a three-year replacement warranty. Many vehicle models are available for the HG2 Runners package, while the HG2 Crossfire is a universal fit. Products are sold only to qualified law enforcement agencies, Adamson stated.