The Charles Machine Works (CMW), Inc., manufacturer of Ditch Witch underground construction equipment, announces the release of its latest vacuum excavator: the Ditch Witch FX50.

Ditch Witch vacuum excavators are designed for a wide range of cleanup and soft excavation tasks. Municipalities and construction crews utilize vacuum excavators for such tasks as cleaning out sewers and valve boxes, horizontal directional drilling support, removing road construction debris, and for soft excavation tasks such as posthole digging and “potholing,” or exposing utilities to verify their exact location prior to underground construction.

The 49-hp FX50 can be customized to a customer’s specifications, with choices of tank sizes, trailer configurations, and options such as hydraulic booms, water heaters, and hydraulic valve exercisers. The FX50 comes with a choice of four spoils tank sizes (from 300- to 1200-gallon capacity) and four water tank sizes (80- to 500-gallon) to meet the requirements of virtually any size cleanout job.

The FX50 can be configured with an optional reverse flow feature that enables the operator to offload fluid spoils from the vacuum tanks quickly and easily. Reverse flow is also optional on the Ditch Witch FX25 and FX30 vacuum excavators.

Another important feature of the FX50 is a hydraulic tank door that opens fully to maximize the efficiency of spoils removal. For added safety and convenience, the tank door also locks hydraulically. The hydraulic open-and-lock tank door is standard on all Ditch Witch vacuum excavators.

The Ditch Witch FX50 is equipped with a Tuthill 1020-cfm blower and a powerful water system with a water-pressure capacity of 3000 psi and 5-gpm flow.