BrakeSentry visual brake-stroke indicators improve brake safety, maintenance, and compliance by providing drivers with a convenient and effective means to inspect critical brake adjustment conditions without having to crawl under vehicles to mark and measure pushrod stroke at each airbrake chamber.

Constructed of a flexible, unbreakable material composition, BrakeSentry is suited for any on/off-road vocational-duty applications.

The design fits on any vehicle equipped with airbrake chambers that have an exposed 5/8” diameter pushrod, takes about three minutes per wheel to install, does not require any special tools or disassembly of components, is not subject to breakage from road vibration or impacts, has no parts to wear out, and requires no maintenance, according to the company.

With the BrakeSentry, drivers can perform a visual inspection of the entire vehicle in as little as two minutes and provide immediate, clear confirmation that the air brakes are within stroke.