Larson Electronics’ Magnalight brand offers its MUL-15-4V portable LED automotive work light with included magnetic base and cigarette lighter plug. The unit can produce 720 lumens and incorporates a rugged handle and magnetic mounting base. The light offers two beam configurations, spot or flood, and a user can attach it to a vehicle with the magnetic base. The four Edison Edixeon emitters and reflector assembly can create a beam capable of illuminating 70-ft. long by 60-ft. wide in flood configuration.

This LED light is constructed of aluminum with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and is sealed against intrusion from water, wind and debris, according to Larson. For the power connection, the MUL-15-4V is configured with a 16-ft. coil cord ending in a cigarette plug adapter, a 21-ft., straight cord with ring terminals, or a 16-ft. straight cord with battery clamps.

A user can operate the LED light with a wide range of voltages ranging from 9 to 48V DC, meaning a user doesn’t need any special converters or transformers to transfer this unit from one vehicle to the next, or to any source of DC power within this range, the company stated.