Bosch has introduced the new Original Equipment design fine wire Double Platinum spark plug, which complements its OE fine wire Iridium plug launched in 2011 and the OE fine wire Platinum plug launched in March, 2012, rounding out the Bosch OE fine wire family of spark plugs. As with Bosch’s other OE fine wire plugs, the Bosch Double Platinum plug line is based on the latest original equipment materials and manufacturing technology, and delivers extended performance life and durability, according to Bosch.

According to the company, the Double Platinum spark plug offers special design features that meet or exceed OE specifications for double platinum plugs:
• Bosch’s exclusive 360 -degree continuous laser welding process, utilized to fuse the platinum tip on the center electrode, promotes durability and long life, giving them improved resistance to cracking that can be caused by thermal shock and increased combustion chamber pressures.
• Fine wire electrode design delivers exceptional ignitability and performance, giving reliable starts even in the coldest weather, and improved throttle response.
• Copper core center electrode and ground electrode, when required, provide broader heat range and resist pre-ignition and fouling.
• A laser welded platinum inlay on the ground electrode promotes durability and long life.
• Nickel-plated shell with rolled threads ensures complete anti-seize and corrosion protection.
• Ribbed insulator design prevents misfires due to flash-over.
• Pre-gapped for ease of installation.
• Compatible with the most advanced engine technologies including Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and turbocharged engines.