Adamson Industries Corp. is offering a new product from SoundOff Signal, the company's new nForce series of LED perimeter lighting for police vehicles. According to Adamson, the LED lights provide intense forward and off-angle illumination using Nexus Technology. The lights offer single, split, and tri-color capability.

This first full-line of tri-color perimeter lighting integrates with the styling of the new police vehicles on the market, according to Adamson. The nForce series comes in 6, 9, 12, and 18 LED counts in single, split, and tri-color capability with 12 single color and 24 dual- and tri-color flash patterns.

The nForce series of lighting is currently available in single or dual stacked surface, single or dual deck/grille and permanent or suction cup windshield, according to Adamson. Coming soon is the dual side-by-side windshield and recess mount.