Mohawk mobile lifts now offer a 7-inch color touch screen control. Mohawk’s mobile lift shows total weight being raised by all columns and number of cycles per technician, offers password protection for tracking lifting cycles per technician, shows remaining battery life, graphically shows locks engaged or not yet locked, and is customizable to show a bus, fire engine, or dump truck on the operating screen.

Mohawk mobile lifts are available in 18,000, 24,000 or 30,000 lb. per column with a maximum total capacity of 240,000 lbs. Mohawk mobile column lifts offer the flexibility of moving the lift into any level bay, and can be used indoors or outside as well as in wash bays. Mohawk lifting forks are available in either 15-inch or 22-inch lengths to fully engage both rear dual tires.

All Mohawk lifts are designed and manufactured in the United States.