Buyers Products offers the SnowDogg VMD Series medium-duty V-plow specifically designed for 1/2-ton pickups and sport utility vehicles.

VMD Series medium-duty V-plows have a streamlined design, providing easier maneuverability. The  V-plow uses the same hydraulics and hinges of larger VX plow models, designed for 3/4-ton and larger trucks.

The V-plow features a  stainless steel, corrosion-free moldboard and provides excellent scraping, rolling and throwing action with a 70-degree attack angle. The plow’s lift arm also provides 35-degree vertical travel for snow stacking. Its contoured lift frame and trip edge design give the plow greater ground clearance as well as allow it to smoothly plow over obstacles.

The plow is also easy to use with a quick attach/detach mounting with over-center linkage, operated by locking pins with foot pedals. The digital controller provides one-hand operation with buttons designed for use while wearing gloves.