With a larger video screen, more memory and a dual imager, the new Snap-on BK8000 is the ultimate wireless digital inspection scope and a “must have” addition to every service technician’s tool box, according to the company.

“Our new BK8000 Wireless Digital Inspection Scope is second to none when it comes to performance, productivity and innovation,” said Dan Batassa. “In addition to being easy to use, the BK8000 can do a multitude of jobs including under the dash, inside door panels, under the hood, behind the engine block, inside the transmission housings, internal engine diagnosis and any other areas not easily accessible by a technician.”

The features and benefits of the new Snap-on BK8000 Wireless Digital Inspection Scope include:

• 4.3-inch diameter screen is 40 percent larger than competitive units for better viewing
• Digital video and image capture with internal memory as well as SD card storage
• Dual imager is included, allowing you to see straight ahead or at a 90 degree angle
• Wireless 802.11n provides clear image transmission
• Rechargeable lithium batteries in both the viewer and imager
• Three mega-pixel rear-view camera allows technician to document pre-service vehicle condition
• Touch-screen interface enables easy feature selection
• Blow-molded case included
• Two-year warranty
• USB port for mass storage

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