Spending time looking around the shop for a variety of tools to work on a specific job, like installing or removing alternator decoupler pulleys, is not a very productive way to conduct business. With the new Blue-Point 30-Piece Alternator Puller Kit (ADT30KT), you will have all the tools you need in one sturdy kit to save time on those repairs and help improve your bottom line.

“Millions of vehicles on the road today have over-running alternator decouplers (OAD) rather than a conventional pulley,” said Brian Woller, category manager. “Servicing these OADs as well as one way clutches (OWC) has become a challenge for a majority of service technicians because they don’t have the right tools on hand. Our Blue-Point 30-Piece Alternator Puller Kit provides the assortment of tools you need to service OADs and OWCs efficiently, increasing productivity and profitability.”

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