The Caterpillar AP1000E and AP1055E pavers are engineered to place smooth mats and redirect fumes away from operators. The pavers are available in wheel (AP1000E) and track models (AP1055E).

Their productivity is provided in part through the heavy-duty screed designs of the AS2302C, AS3301C, AS4251C, and AS4252C. The AS2302C and AS3301C utilize vibratory screed plates, while the AS4251C and AS4252C come equipped with tamper bars and vibratory screed plates.

The Cat Fumes Management System collects fumes from the auger chamber as well as the conveyor tunnel and redirects them through the exhaust stack. In addition, the front-mounted cooling fan is positioned between the operator station and the hopper, blowing  fumes away from the hopper and the paver operator.

The Mobil-Trac undercarriage on the AP1055E offers excellent mobility and limits disturbance on soft base materials, ensuring uniform mat thickness. Large oscillating bogies and hydraulic accumulators overcome surface irregularities with minimal tow point movement, limiting the effects of mix piles and manholes for a smoother mat. The Mobil-Trac undercarriage can be equipped with one of two belt designs. The tread-bar design provides better traction when grade conditions are soft, while the smooth belt provides more contact surface for good performance when pushing trucks and less base disruption when turning.  

Non-directional radial drive tires on the AP1000E provide a large ground contact area for good flotation, stability, and traction. A position sensor located in the left steering cylinder helps maintain consistent travel speeds when making turns by adjusting the drive speed of the propel motors according to the steering angle of the front wheels, leading to better mat quality and less wear on the drive system. Front wheel assist and all-wheel drive options maximize traction in a variety of conditions.

Both engines deliver 168 kW (228 metric hp, 225 Imperial hp) of power.