Caterpillar Inc.’s CB14B Utility Roller, a new addition to its Paving Products machine family, is designed for compaction of asphalt and other granular materials. The CB14B is a 1.5-ton utility roller available with 35-inch or 39-inch tandem vibratory drums. The roller’s size and weight make it highly mobile and easy to transport. Typical applications include bike paths, courtyards, patchwork, parking lots, driveways, town centers, trenches, and shoulder work.

The CB14B features dual driving drums available at widths of 35-inch or 39-inch. The dual drum-drive powertrain provides continuous full-drum traction on soft base materials, uneven surfaces, and steeper grades. Each drum is fitted with front and rear scrapers that are spring-loaded, retractable, and self-adjusting, no tools required.

The water spray system features a standard 26.4-gallon water tank, corrosion-proof materials, extended-life water pump, and dual-filtering system. The pressurized system is equipped with four spray nozzles mounted over each drum for even coverage and an eight-position timer that allows the operator to adjust water flow and match jobsite conditions.

Self-adjusting, retractable scrapers keep the drums clean. The large fill port makes refills fast, while grouped drain ports simplify drainage from a single location. Hand removal of water filters, spray nozzles, and spray bars make the system easy to clean and maintain.

Articulated steering provides smooth, accurate control in confined areas, while the short machine length, retractable ROPS, and high ground clearance simplify transport on trucks and trailers.

The CB14B is equipped with the Kohler KDW 1003 3-cylinder liquid cooled engine that delivers 22.5 hp at 2850 rpm and meets U.S. Tier 4 Final emissions standards. The low engine speed promotes fuel efficiency and lower sound levels. The large cooling system provides efficient performance in normal and high ambient temperatures. An aluminum radiator offers corrosion resistance and reliability, while a large space between the cores provides efficient cooling and easy cleaning.

The lockable fuel fill and engine compartment protect vital fluids, while a lockable, self-storing cover safeguards the instrument panel.