Good Earth Energy Conservation, Inc. (GEEC) offers the "Firefly", a three-wheeled electric utility vehicle designed for essential services such as local parking enforcement. The vehicles can be used by local police departments, universities, and fleet motor pools as an emissions-free alternative to gas-powered options and entry-level battery electric vehicles.

The Firefly uses a lithium-iron-phosphate battery technology that has a longer life cycle than standard flooded lead acid batteries. It has an eight-hour charger compatible with a standard household outlet. The vehicle can run more than 60 miles per charge and has performance speeds of up to 45 mph. According to the company, the operational cost savings of the Firefly is more than 85 percent.

According to the company, the Firefly was designed and developed through a collaboration with law enforcement agencies and municipalities that began in 2008 with the City of Santa Monica, Calif. 

The zero emission Firefly vehicles, built entirely in the United States, are completely configurable to meet the needs of parking enforcement and most fleet operators in a city or campus setting. The Firefly meets all federal and state regulations mandating use of alternative fuel vehicles.

The company recently expanded its offerings to California and Washington deaers.