Oxygen World Inc.'s electric battery operated Oxygen CargoScooter can be recharged from a simple electrical outlet and can save up to 90 percent on energy costs versus fuel-powered scooters, according to the company.

Oxygen World Inc., is expanding distribution to the United States and will offer the Oxygen CargoScooter to fleets, municipalities, and businesses. It is capable of covering distances up to 75 miles on a single charge. Some potential uses of the scooter are for law enforcement, security, and delivery.  The Oxygen CargoScooter is also ideally suited for deployment in enclosed areas such as malls, airports, and stadiums. 

The Swiss Post in Switzerland utilizes the vehicles throughout the country. The original Oxygen CargoScooter fleet for the Swiss Post consisted of 250 vehicles; the current fleet numbers more than 2,000. 

The Oxygen CargoScooter can be equipped with options in using two, three, or four batteries, when distances of 75 miles on a single charge can be covered, and acceleration will enable the vehicle to get to 25 mph in 6 seconds.  Featuring a cargo capacity of up to 200 lbs., a trailer can be added to the back as well.  The company states repairs are minimal due to the scooter's limited number of moving parts.