The Cat D3K2, D4K2, and D5K2 Track-Type Tractors boast excellent grading performance and improved fuel economy. New Stable Blade feature utilizes technology which complements operator blade control input making it the best finish grading tractor in the industry. Eco Mode improves fuel economy up to 25-percent for lower operating costs. Using a more powerful Cat C4.4 ACERT engine that meets Stage IIIB/Tier 4 Interim emissions requirements, the K2 models feature hydrostatic drive with Traction Control, which reduces track slip at maximum load.  New in-cab amenities such as Ventilated seat and heated control handles boost operator comfort.  New Power Pitch allows operator to control blade pitch fore/aft for maximum productivity in various material conditions.

The K2 models blend these new features with the basic field-proven design of their K Family predecessors, a design that includes single-lever travel/steering control, spacious operator's station with standard air conditioning when cab-equipped, single-lever blade control, Cat Sealed-and-Lubricated Track (SALT) or Cat SystemOne undercarriage for low undercarriage cost.

Net power ratings are increased by more than 8 percent from 74 to 80 hp for the D3K2, and from 84 to 92 net hp for the D4K2. The D5K2 gets a power boost from 96 to 104 hp. The new C4.4 ACERT engine features air-to-air charge-air aftercooling, a new electric fuel priming pump, and a passive regeneration system for emissions reduction.

Operating efficiency

Stable Blade supplements the operator's blade-control input, reducing operator effort and fatigue, while increasing productivity in finish grading applications. The Stable Blade feature remains activated unless cancelled by the operator. For even more productivity, the optional new Power Pitch feature allows the operator to adjust blade pitch hydraulically from the operators' seat, for example, selecting a more aggressive setting when loading the blade, then pitching the blade rearward for more blade carry capacity. Power Pitch can boost productivity as much as 6 percent.

The new Eco Mode system for the K2 models can improve fuel economy by up to 25 percent by reducing engine speed when maximum rpm is not required. Eco Mode has two settings - Forward/Reverse or Reverse Only - that are selected via the rotary throttle. Once set, Eco Mode automatically controls engine speed at optimal levels, delivering maximum engine speed and power when required.

Traction Control is an operator-activated system that reduces track slippage under heavy load by sensing and controlling track speed, resulting in fewer situations where operator must lift the blade to prevent track slip. The benefits include higher production, less undercarriage wear, and reduced operator fatigue. Undercarriage configurations include XL (extra long) and LGP (low ground pressure) versions, with an LGP version that features 30-inch track shoes.

When a K2 model is equipped with an enclosed ROPS cab, an optional package provides heated/ventilated seats and heated (joystick) control handles. These functions are operator-controlled via switches in the cab.