AirSept’s new A/C Charge Guard filter allows technicians to charge refrigerant into hybrid vehicles while eliminating the risk of lubricant or debris contamination causing damage to electric compressors. A single A/C Charge Guard unit allows no more than 100 ppm of liquid (including PAG) into the a/c system – only one tenth of the 1000 ppm limit proposed by SAE J2788H. And A/C Charge Guard traps all debris, so none enters the vehicle.

Most electric compressors used in hybrid vehicle a/c systems require a polyolester (POE) lubricant. Even a small amount of PAG oil (the lubricant commonly used in belt-driven compressors) can damage the high voltage insulation in an electric compressor. This damage creates a ground isolation fault that leads to compressor failure and an engine no-crank condition.

SAE has proposed a new J2788H specification for charging hybrid a/c systems. It recommends that the amount of PAG or other non-POE lubricant be limited to no more than 1,000 ppm, to stay below the 1% limit set by compressor manufacturers.

J2788H also recommends that technicians change or flush hoses before charging a hybrid vehicle from equipment that is also used to service non-hybrid vehicles. Using A/C Charge Guard instead traps any lubricant coming out of the service hoses. This saves the technician from having to flush or change hoses, lowering labor cost for the job.

A/C Charge Guard works with new and existing a/c service equipment.