Nissan Forklift Corp.'s QX Series is the newest addition to its Platinum family of electric lift trucks. The QX Series of 80V electric lift trucks, featuring four models ranging from 4,000- to 6,000-lb. capacities, use 80V, 100-percent AC power, results in fast travel and lift speeds with lower operating costs than comparably sized engine-powered forklifts, according to the company.

The series features a tight turning radius for enhanced maneuverability and low center of gravity for greater capacity retention. The standard regenerative braking system reduces power consumption, allowing for longer operating hours for increased efficiency.

The Platinum QX Series models come standard with safety features including: programmable PIN access to help prevent unauthorized use; an automatic mast-lock system that prevents mast or fork movement when an operator is not in the seat; and controlled rollback, which is ideal for ramp use.

Nissan Forklift's QX Series lift trucks offer users greater value through longer component life and lower maintenance costs. The Nissan Forklift AC-TECH system includes on-board diagnostics that provide instant performance information, reduced troubleshooting time, and eliminating the need for expensive handset tools.

The QX Series includes benefits in operator comfort and productivity. Up to five unique operator profiles can be created for performance that is customized to fit individual operator needs. Low step height and 41-inches of head room complemented by a full suspension, adjustable seat ehance the comfort of the operator's compartment. The QX Series also offers optional synchronized steering that automatically returns the wheel knob to the same position following the completion of a turn. Solid pneumatic tires provide a comfortable ride both indoors and outdoors and are more resistant to wear and damage.