Prova Systems offers its Fleet Manager in Box software, an all-in-one fleet management system for small business, local government, and consumer users. The system features Prova’s free-wireless data collection system. Fleet Manager in a Box enables fleet managers to collect and analyze information on the health and performance of their fleet vehicles to institute and manage preventive maintenance programs, diagnose and decode vehicle error codes (DTCs), analyze vehicle and fleet utilization, track and trend fuel economy, and monitor driver behavior.

The product comes ready-to-install with Prova’s OBD-2 vehicle diagnostic monitors and trip loggers. Fleet Manager in a Box includes Prova’s Fleet Genius fleet management application for Windows PCs and one of Prova’s drive-by or on-demand wireless Access Points for automated wireless data collection from managed vehicles. The system is available in 2, 5, and 10 vehicle fleet editions and is expandable to support fleets of hundreds of vehicles across global installations.

Fleet Manager in a Box works with all cars and light-duty vehicles manufactured since 1996 including hybrid and electric vehicles and is customer installable; a fleet of 20 vehicles can be installed within an hour, according to the company.

Fleet Manager in a Box can be deployed in fleets with no existing fleet management systems and can also be used to replace GPS based systems in sections of fleets that don’t require minute-by-minute tracking, Prova stated.

The company said Fleet Manager in a Box is available for today from or from resellers worldwide.