The Palfinger PK 78002-SH high-performance crane can be used for general day-to-day use for heavy loads. It features an endless slewing system with two slewing drives. Since the two drives are reciprocally hydraulically pre-stressed, the crane's slewing play is reduced to a minimum - an advantage for jobs requiring a high outreach. The double slewing system ensures a high slewing torque and precise crane movements.

A maintenance-free extension boom system is achieved through use of sliding elements made from special synthetic material combined with KTL cathodic dip painting. The tank is integrated into the base frame to help save space.

The PK 78002-SH has a lifting moment of 74.7 meter tons. Equipped with up to eight hydraulic extensions, it achieves a hydraulic outreach of 66 feet and 11 inches.

With the help of the Dual Power system (DPS) Plus, the fly-jib can be operated with two pressure ranges by using a special electronic overload cut-off.  The second generation of the original DPS system also enables a further increase in the lifting power in the extended state by up to 15-percent, according to the company.

Crane functions are easily controlled via the new radio remote control with LCD display. The control panel boasts a new large graphic display screen that shows the operator a variety of operating conditions such as capacity usage, active systems, servicing intervals, movements currently accessible, or the position of the stabilizers.