Honda Power Equipment introduced its first all-new hybrid snowblower model for the U.S. marketplace. The HS1336i snowblower uses a gasoline engine that drives the unit’s auger/fan apparatus (for cleaning and throwing snow) and charges the battery. Two electric motors (in parallel) control the track drive forward propulsion system. The electric motors also act as generators when the snowblower is decelerating, which regenerates electrical power in the unit.

The snowblower is equipped with a Honda iGX390 four-stroke overhead valve (OHV) horizontal shaft engine. In addition, the iGX390 incorporates an improved inner muffler construction and has the best ignition timing for its class, according to Honda. The iGX390 is equipped with an auto choke (a choke that automatically controls the flow of air to the carburetor), to simplify starting operation, regardless of the atmospheric or engine temperature

The two independent electric motors that control propulsion are positioned in parallel contribute to smooth turning of the snowblower when in operation. At low speeds, an operator can turn the HS1336i on the spot, and at high speeds, the snowblower can be turned smoothly on a curve, according to Honda.

The Honda HS1336i hybrid snowblower is designed with a three-mode switching function that allows the operator to manage a variety of situations and conditions. The auto mode, power mode and manual mode options are available only on the new hybrid system (as compared to conventional models).

The auger feeds the snow to the high-speed impeller where the impeller blows the snow out of the machine. If the feed is disrupted, the design of the Honda HS1336i hybrid allows an operator to reset the vertical movement of the auger so that it can revert to its normal position.

Regardless of the gradient of the snow surface, the auger housing of the Honda HS1336i can be adjusted to slant up to seven degrees either to the right or left.

When the operator of the Honda HS1336i hybrid snowblower puts the machine into reverse, the auger housing automatically moves up to avoid getting caught in snow. When the operator puts the snowblower back into forward gear, the auger housing automatically moves down so it can throw snow.

The icing guard keeps the carburetor from freezing via an air guide that directs heat from the engine to the carburetor.

Self-diagnostic monitoring alerts the operator when a failure occurs.

The rear cover is integrated with the tool box for easier access to implements.