The Lubegard Heavy Duty line from International Lubricants, Inc., is designed for servicing heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, particularly those that are past warranty.

Lubegard Heavy Duty Engine Protectant, Gear Protectant, and Power Transfer Protectant are engineered around LUBEGARD's proprietary LXE Technology. LXE's negative polarity is attracted to the positive polarity of metals, creating a powerful single-layer bond that provides superior lubrication and anti-wear protection under extreme pressure. Combined with LXE's heat transfer properties, the results are more power, better fuel economy, smoother shifting, reduced component wear, and less downtime, according to the company.

The Lubegard Heavy Duty 2-in-1 Coolant is a comprehensive formulation that features temperature reduction plus 100-percent corrosion protection. It contains wetting agents, eliminating the need for a separate water wetter, the manufacturer stated.

Lubegard attached 2 individually sealed nitrite/freeze-point test strips to the sides of each bottle.

Each of the new Lubegard Heavy Duty products can be purchased individually or as a boxed six-pack Heavy Duty Performance Kit.