The all-new 2145QiMAX Impactool from Ingersoll Rand is designed to deliver best-in-class power and industrial-grade durability. Part of the MAX family of air tools, the 2145QiMAX impactool includes a variety of new features designed to improve productivity. It also features Quiet Technology, which reduces noise levels without compromising power performance, according to the company.

The new impact features a remarkable power-to-weight ratio; weighing 7.4 lbs, the 2145QiMAX delivers 1350 ft.-lb. of maximum reverse torque. This is possible by a new 7-vane air motor that's 16 percent more efficient than its predecessor, which means less money spent on compressed air. Like its MAX family brethren, the 2145QiMAX features a patented four-position power regulator dial, a feather-touch trigger for greater control, and a patented one-hand forward/reverse mechanism for easy operation.

The 2145QiMAX utilizes the original, perfected Ingersoll Rand twin hammer mechanism, which features proprietary advanced metallurgy for increased performance and longer tool life, and an innovative new steel wear plate that provides extreme wear resistance.

The impact also features a new easy-to-clean inlet prescreen that captures debris and is easily serviced by tool operators, along with an improved grease fitting for easy maintenance which reduces down time while increasing tool life and performance.    

Availability of the new 2145QiMAX is scheduled for Sept. 1.

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