Hiniker Company offers its dual-motor electric salt and sand spreaders.  Powered by a truck’s 12-volt electrical system, these units provide individual variable speed control for both the conveyor and the spinner. The two electric motors offer quiet operation, for example for use in residential areas.

Hiniker dual-motor electric spreaders also feature blast control for quick, extra dense applications and a reverse switch to clear jams. Two stainless steel electric spreader models are available: the 6.5-ft. model 635 and the 8-foot model 835. 

Standard hopper capacities are 1.50 cu. yd. for model 635 and 1.80 cu. yd. for model 835.  A tip-up spinner assembly is designed to make unloading unused material simple and provide trailer hitch access.

Hiniker said its professional snow and ice control equipment line includes the patented convertible C-plow, as well as conventional plows, Scoop plows, V-plows, and stainless steel spreaders.