The new Knapheide Dump Bodies offer a rugged steel construction and come packed with standard features. Knapheide Dump Bodies are compatible with Class 3-5 chassis, range in capacity from 2-4
yards, and can dump over 8.5 tons. Knapheide's new line up of Dump Bodies includes both fixed side and drop side models.

Popular standard features on Knapheide Dump Bodies include:

  • Sides and tailgate feature self-cleaning sloped top rails and lower rails for dirt shedding
  • 2" x 6" side board pockets on the sides at the front and rear allow for increased load capacity
  • Versatile double-acting tailgate accommodates both drop down pick-up style and spreader applications with a quick release, one-handed lever for easy and convenient operation
  • Rear corner posts equipped with a hook on each side to accept an optional tarp
  • Fully boxed long sills constructed of 7 gauge HRCQ steel and run the entire length of the floor
  • Understructure is crossmemberless
  • One-handed pull release on the drop down sides for operator convenience (drop side models only)
  • Complete immersion in Knapheide's electrodeposition prime paint system for superior corrosion resistance
  • Bodies are fully protected with Knapheide's water based undercoat

The new Dump Bodies are built to withstand your toughest jobsite applications. Knapheide offers a full line up of compatible hoists and full or quarter cab protectors to complete your Dump Body. For
more information, go to