PetroSavers Engine Oil Refiner is designed to eliminate the need to change oil on any engine or vehicle. The company said the system can filter particles down to 1 micron in size while eliminating water, carbon, unburned fuels, and neutralizing acid.

The company said PetroSavers can be installed anywhere a vehicle. Once installed, the standard oil filter is left in place and a by-pass adaptor is installed ahead of the standard oil filter. The by-pass adaptor allows oil to be diverted into the PetroSavers completely, seven times per hour while the engine is running.  Oil returns back to the engine through the by-pass adaptor, clean and refined, according to the company.

“Over 100 vehicles in our fleet now use the PetroSavers oil refiner, through the years we have use this system, we have saved over 1,000 oil changes,” said Chief Joe Cardella of St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.