Adamson Industries Corp. introduces Duro-Flash, a product that is being used to replace the incendiary flare. The Duro-Flash is used by Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Highway crews and other departments that feel a need to be able to mark vehicles, close a lane, direct traffic or make a place more visible. Duro-Flashes can also be put under a cone for higher visibility. 

The Duro-Flash has no switches or moving parts to break off or become damaged. It is waterproof and weatherproof. The lithium battery lasts for hours between charges, according to the company. The on/off switch has been incorporated into the recharge design- plug it in to turn it off and charge it, and unplug it to turn it on and put it to work.   

The kit consists of aluminum alloy unit enclosure with six (6) hermetically sealed flash units and one rechargeable, polymer Li-ion battery.  It provides five (5) hours of continuous use and recharges in 120 minutes for full charge, but can work at less than full charge, according to the company. The kit weight is 7.7 pounds, and each unit’s weight is 1 pound. 

The Duro-Flash system is available in Red, Blue or Amber and comes in a set of 6 with case and battery.