Changing the oil in your vehicle has become a lot less messy with the Quick Changer from Unique Truck Equipment. You can change the oil while hot without spilling and burning your hands. Your oil changes will be quicker and safer.

How it works:

Once the Quick Changer Engine Oil Drain Valve is installed, simply remove the dust cap and connect the drain hose assembly which activates a valve and allows the oil to drain down through the hose into a pan. Once the oil is completely drained, the drain hose is removed and the valve automatically closes. New oil can be added with no cleanup required.

A feature of the Quick Changer is that the valve does not extend beyond the threads of the drain pan, which allows the oil to drain completely. This, coupled with the fact that the oil can be drained at hotter temperatures, allows for a faster, cleaner way to drain old oil, preventing build up of sediment and sludge.

The Quick Changer makes it easy to take quick samples of the oil with complete control over the amount removed. It also eliminates the potential of stripping the threads on the drain-pan because it will no longer be necessary to remove the plug with each oil change.    

Quick Changers are available for all varieties of vehicles, from cars and trucks to buses and construction equipment. The drain hoses also come in a variety of lengths and varieties, such as straight hoses or with 90 degree elbows.

Quick Changers can be purchased online at or by calling 800-777-4855. Unique Truck Equipment specializes in fleet safety equipment and shop equipment for the trucking and transportation industries.

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