AUBURN, IL - DICKEY-john Corp. added the Flex4 Control system to its material application product line for the public works industry. The Flex4 material control system offers many enhancements over the current DICKEY-john Control Point ice control systems, according to the company.  The four-channel system offers an auxiliary control channel for either granular or liquid control, allowing quick changeover from de-icing to anti-icing applications and eliminating the time required to get out of the vehicle and change hydraulic hose connections. 

The Flex4 was designed with year-round use capabilities to further expand beyond the winter months. Roadside weed control and spreading rock on roadside edges can be easily metered with appropriate units of measurement.  The system also includes the flexibility to control a variety of electric or hydraulic-driven attachments with the ability to manually adjust the speed from the cab.

This system was designed with a user-friendly operator interface for use during all seasons, the company stated. In addition, Flex4 is compatible with the full line of DICKEY-john sensors and hydraulic packages for easy integration with existing systems.

Truck Fleet Management software consisting of PC software and a wireless modem with integrated GPS installed in each truck captures critical vehicle location and spread data. This allows for expense calculations of each truck or fleet including material, fuel, labor, and equipment costs. GPS coordinates of truck spreading routes are stored in the system and can be viewed in map format via the PC software.

Additional features include:

  • A CAN BUS design that utilizes a remote-mount control ECU providing a platform that supports customization for future capability expansion.
  • An optional video camera that displays rear view of the truck allows monitoring of material dispensed and avoidance of potential accidents.
  • Accepts up to 19 optional sensor inputs for monitoring vehicle performance.

Flex4 will debut at the NTEA Show, booth #3016, held in Indianapolis, IN, March 7-10, 2011. Product availability is scheduled for third quarter 2011.