MADISON, IN - Grote Industries, a provider of high-performance LED lighting technology for the transportation industry, announced the introduction of a purpose-built LED lighting solution that can bring fire rescue vehicles into NFPA 1901 lighting compliance quickly and efficiently.

Guidelines to support fire fighters during response and on-scene activity are reflected in the NFPA 1901: Standard for Automotive Fire Apparatus, 2009 edition, and pertain to apparatus ordered on or after Jan. 1, 2009. Grote's new LED lighting solution can be specified on any new vehicle, but offers departments the opportunity to bring their existing vehicles into compliance swiftly and conveniently.

According to the company, LED lighting is more practical than existing solutions such as pole-mounted scene lighting, which is more costly to purchase and maintain, and requires more power draw. Lower power draw allows users to run the vehicle's other mission-critical equipment.

Grote LED WhiteLight lamps are rated for tens of thousands of hours of service life and are virtually impervious to the types of shock and vibration that would disable conventional lighting equipment. The lamps resist water spray and are listed for wet location usage.