HAVERHILL, MA - Adamson Industries Corp., a provider of public safety vehicle equipment and installation services, introduced the Inductor Max3, a high performance induction heater. Using high frequency magnetic fields, the Inductor easily removes parts bonded to metal in a fraction of the time or heats bolts red-hot without the collateral damage normally associated with conventional heating methods. 

Benefits and features of the Inductor Max3 include:

  • Operates at a convenient 120v.
  • UL/CSA listed GFI for user safety.
  • Tug-resistant in-line connector.
  • Pneumatic foot switch.
  • Heats aluminum and steel.
  • Audible and visible power indicators.

The Inductor Max3 includes three universal series attachments ergonomically designed and molded in high temperature, impact-resistant epoxy polymers.

  1. The Fast-Off pad, a heat resistant outer material that is softer on paint and durable than fiberglass. Uses include removal of moldings, graphics, and emblems.
  2. The Glass Blaster high mount, molded in strain relief, keeps cord from interfering with adjacent panels. Uses include glass, appliqués, bonded SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and spray-on bed liners.
  3. The Concentrator tapered body, beveled edges and compact designs allow this attachment to get into tighter areas. Uses include release seized hardware, thread lock compounds, caulking, soft dents and metal shrinking.

The Inductor Max 3 is available for $1498.95 at www.adamsonindustries.com or call toll-free (800) 232.0162. Each Inductor Max3 comes with the three attachments neatly stored in a convenient carrying case, which all together weighs 22 lbs.