SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA - Maxon Lift Corp announced the launch of the next generation of its Tuk-A-Way liftgate, the GPT (Grand Prix Tuk-A-Way). This newest generation features -- among other upgrades -- a bolt-on extension plate and bolt-on step options, resulting in a fully integrated liftgate product.

The newest generation GPT comes with Maxon-made bolt-on steps and a bolt-on extension plate, resulting in an integrated product that streamlines deployment and cuts costs, according to Maxon.

Bolting on the extension plate and steps, versus the current practice of welding, has two crucial advantages: It overcomes corrosion issues -- induced by welding and repainting -- and simplifies installation. Welding may result in corrosion issues, is costly, time consuming, and lacks precision, according to the company. The bolt-on solution simplifies installation by eliminating the practice of adding aftermarket steps during the installation process.

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