SAN MARCOS, CA - Battery Equaliser USA, LLC has introduced a new aftermarket preventive maintenance product for all lead acid batteries. This liquid additive can result in slower sulfation, which means longer life, less maintenance, and lower operating costs, according to the company. As soon as electrolyte is added to a new battery fresh off the assembly line, sulfation begins coating the lead plates. This causes internal resistance that lowers overall performance and, in a few years, chokes out all electrical activity.

Battery Equaliser is designed to mix with the battery's electrolyte solution, dissolving existing sulfation and preventing new deposits from forming. Treated batteries will charge faster and hold a charge longer.

Simply top each cell with as little as a half-ounce (treatment varies depending on size of the battery) of Battery Equaliser and let the product work as the battery is in normal use. Batteries can be retreated every two years or as needed.

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