MUNCIE, IN - Lift-A-Loft Corporation announced the development of a brand-new self-contained scissors lift, the TL22, which is easily mountable and removable from the bed of a pickup truck.

The TL22 was developed for lift users who do not need to trailer and haul a separate lift to the jobsite. If a pick-up truck can be positioned directly at the work location, then the TL can be used to do the job. Applications for the TL may include bridge and tunnel repair and inspection, commercial sign work, construction, facilities maintenance, film work, holiday decorating, home repair, hunting, painting, parking lot and street light work, security, traffic signal maintenance, and tree trimming.

When the truck bed is needed for other jobs, the lift can be removed and stored.

The TL22 can be mounted in any pick up truck that offers 2,650 lbs. of payload with an 8-in. long bed. It features a self-contained power pack that automatically re-charges from the truck's electrical system.  The truck does not need to keep running while the lift is in operation, which saves fuel and is good for the environment. The unit meets the requirements of ANSI A92.2 and does not require outriggers.

The TL22 offers 500 lbs. of platform capacity. When mounted on a 32-in. truck bed, the unit provides 21-ft. 10-in. of platform height.  The unit also comes standard with a 36-in. rear extenda-deck.

For more information about the TL22, contact the Lift-A-Loft sales department at (765) 288-3691.