WATERTOWN, SD - Terex Utilities introduced the latest addition to its extensive green Hypower hybrid product line in the form of a Commander 4047 digger derrick. 

This latest product rounds out the Terex Utilities Plug-in Electric Hybrid line that have been optimized and built for the electric utility, tree care, and telecommunications industries. The HyPower hybrid system, a patent-pending technology, allows the customer to save fuel and reduce emissions while allowing operators to function in a relatively quiet work environment.

"The HyPower Digger Derrick product now gives our customers the best platform to use when 'greening' their fleet," said Dan Brenden, product manager for Terex. "Not only is the system capable of being retrofit onto existing chassis, but because it's non-intrusive to the OEM drive-line, they can perform the jobs that they've always done with their equipment such as towing pole trailers, reel trailers and other tools and supplies to the job site."