MADISON, IN - Grote Industries, a high-performance LED lighting technology provider for the transportation industry, has introduced its new Grote-manufactured Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords. 

"Competitors often produce coil cords using stamped terminals with minimal thickness," said Bob Dobrow, business development manager for power delivery systems for Grote Industries. "Their plug bodies are subject to crushing and do not prevent water from entering. We have engineered our new coil cords with extremely durable materials, such as advanced polymer jackets and solid brass terminals. Our new coil cord will offer levels of strength and reliability that will exceed most other coil cords on the market."

Unlike coil cords that use die-cast or molded plastic plugs, Grote's new Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords are manufactured using molded elastomeric material that resists crushing, acts as potting that seals terminals from moisture, and is molded with a special adhesive that bonds with the cable to eliminate the need for a spring. Die-cast sleeves also increase dimensional stability and wear characteristics.

"Grote Industries' new Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords will give customers the durability they have come to rely on from Grote, along with other performance improvements over current offerings," Dobrow said. "The advanced polymer jacket material is designed to perform flawlessly between 55 degrees below zero to over 190 degrees Fahrenheit and the terminals are corrosion resistant, while providing superior current-carrying capacity with minimal voltage drop."

The new Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords will also benefit Grote's retailers, providing better control over inventories, special orders and lead times. Grote will have just six part numbers corresponding to their previous coil cords, thus streamlining customer choices. 

"Only producing and offering the six most popular coil cords is a win for Grote because it streamlines our manufacturing processes, and it's a win for our distributors and end-users because it removes any confusion or redundancies from the stocking and buying processes," Dobrow said.

Grote Industries previously developed the industry's first totally modular power delivery and lighting system, complete from nose box to taillight, with its Ultra-Blue-Seal (UBS) harness system and Ultra-Nose-Box receptacle. The UBS system remains the No. 1 best seller in the North American heavy-duty trailer market, with nearly 3.5 million system components sold annually.  Now Grote's complete modular power delivery system extends from the tractor to the nose box, creating a truly contiguous and unified modular system.

The part numbers for all six Ultra-Link-Coil-Cords will remain consistent with those that have been sold in the past:

ABS Power Cords, 12 foot: part number 87100

ABS Power Cords, 15 foot: part number 87101

Ultra-Link 500 Power Cords, 12 foot: part number 87020

Ultra-Link 500 Power Cords, 15 foot: part number 87023

Ultra-Link 100 Power Cords, 12 foot: part number 87110

Ultra-Link 100 Power Cords, 15 foot: part number 87111

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