<p><strong>Dennis Eagle has launched the ProView refuse hauler for North American markets, based on the company's Elite European model.</strong> <em>Photos: Jack Roberts</em></p>

Dennis Eagle, a United Kingdom-based refuse and recycling collection vehicle manufacturer, has announced the launch of its ProView refuse truck for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

The ProView features an ergonomic cab design that was engineered for maximum driver and crew comfort. Narrow A and B pillars offer better peripheral vision and panoramic windows provide better over-the-shoulder visibility at intersections, the company noted.

With a 17-inch height from street to step, the ProView has one of the lowest entry cabs on the market, according to Dennis Eagle. Fewer dash-mounted switches and a telescopic, tilting steering wheel are designed for simple operation, while cab noise levels below 70 decibels are designed for operator and crew comfort.

Initially available in a 6x4 configuration, the ProView is available with dual- and left-hand steer options in diesel and compressed natural gas variants paired to either 3000 or optional 4000 Series Allison gearboxes.

<p><strong>The ProView's cab was designed witht he driver in mind, boasting good visibility, easy ingress/egress and low noise in operation.</strong></p>

"While the Elite chassis with ProView cab has been engineered specifically for customers in the U.S. and Canada, it is based on an established design that has a proven track record as one of the safest, most reliable cabs in the U.K. and Europe,” said Robert Mecchi, president of Dennis Eagle. “With unrivalled visibility, access, safety and comfort, as well as a proven US drivetrain, it is what the market has been asking for.”

Early models were released in trials with customers this year and official production will begin in early 2019. The company is currently discussing orders with customers to reserve slots.

Originally posted on Trucking Info