Photo courtesy of the Grasshopper Co.

Photo courtesy of the Grasshopper Co. 

The Grasshopper Co. describes its Model 900D as the largest displacement out-front diesel zero-turn mower on the market.

The mower offers improved efficiency, featuring 61-inch or 72-inch low-profile out-front DuraMax cutting decks, which help users move the mower under trees and around obstacles.

“You can handle a variety of difficult terrain with better traction capability from our MaxTrax weight transfer system, which provides better weight distribution for a lighter footprint on the turf,” said Mike Simmon, marketing and public relations representative. “It also makes the ride incredibly smooth.”

Powered by a MaxTorque diesel, liquid-cooled horizontal crankshaft engine, the 900D 1.3L replaces Grasshopper’s previous-generation 900 Series diesel mower, the 930D.

Same Torque, Improved Efficiency

The new mower has been a long time coming. Simmon explained that many schools, cities, parks, and other government entities around the world used the previous-generation 930D mower with great success.

But in 2013, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandated that any diesel engines rated higher than 25 hp had to feature extra exhaust emission systems to make them cleaner burning and Tier 4 Final compliant.

The 900D’s new 1.3L engine delivers approximately 60 lb.-ft. of torque with no additional emissions systems, runs more efficiently, and will get better fuel economy, according to the company.

Simmon said the second-­generation 900D’s G2.1 hydrostatic 21cc pump-and-wheel motor system with single serpentine belt provides more efficient power transfer to the drive, longer service life, and easier maintenance.

High Performance Features

The 900D 1.3L mower decks are equipped with Grasshopper’s exclusive PowerFold Electric Deck Lift, which adjusts cutting height and folds the deck to a near-vertical position for ease of maintenance.

The decks also feature splined power take-off shafts for better power transfer and longer life. Side discharge, mulch, or collect with the same deck, or choose a rear-discharge deck.

Users can easily remove the deck and attach a range of Quik-D-Tatch implements such as a sprayer for herbicide, fungicide, or fertilizer applications; an edger to maintain sharp edges along sidewalks; coreless turf aerator; a leaf and grass collection system; and a snowthrower, rotary broom, or dozer blade for snow and ice removal. A full-view, metal winter cab and heater is also available.